7 ways to boost your instagram reach effortlessly

Hashtag smartly & always geotag

Proper use of hashtags on Instagram is a good way to reference your posts in their relevant topics for search and discovery. The more precise you are, the more people will see your posts while exploring.

You can also widen your audience by using more generic hashtags, you will generate more views with a wider reach but there's a chance you will be missing reactions of relevant audience, due to the lack of accuracy of the tags used.

Don't forget this does not mean you have to fill up your Instagram posts with hashtags! Bad manners won't be tolerated on business accounts, therefore, you should never exceed 5 hashtags per post.

In what concerns geolocation, it's a really good way to showcase your hotel when people don't know about your account. If the user is missing your @mention, they can still geotag your property and introduce your brand easily to new audience.

Adding content through geolocation, you grow your audience qualitatively in collaboration with people that care about your brand. Take a look at this example, one of our favorite hotel in Lanzarote, Buenavista Country suites.

Use stories!

With its newly integrated feature, you have the possibility to share stories with your followers. Definitely comparable to SnapChat stories, it allows text overlay, and emoji integration! This feature can be used to share day & night events, without overwhelming your gallery.

New instagram stories are featured on top of everyone's feed

New instagram stories are featured on top of everyone's feed

Mention right people

A good practice is to mention people and adress them posts. Have you ever seen community managers of different brands interacting on the networks? Yep, that is not only for fun, it is definitely part of the communication strategy! As you both share content on a single post to different audiences, you can easily double your reach.

Program your posts

For better reach, don't forget to automate your posts: that way, you can post on the best time of the day to maximize reach. Tools exists like Hootsuite, which has a free plan, that can hold 3 social networks accounts and manage your all type of publications.

Edit outside Instagram

Instagram gives a lot of options to customize your photos. Most popular effects are called "filtezr". A shiny overlay for your photo that will arrange its color balance, sharpness, and style. But what if every other Instagram user is using the same filter?

You need to be original & creative. To be less redundant and surprise your followers when posting, it can be consistent to use external applications to edit your photos, such as the well known VSCO, or even edit them professionally on computer with software, and then using tools like Gramblr to publish from your computer.

External apps allows further and more precise photo editing

External apps allows further and more precise photo editing

Integrate at convenience

Instagram posts, even oldest ones can be integrated and re-shared on other social networks. That leads to more engagements on the post itself, but even generating engagement with a fresh new daily post. It can also be used as a gap filler when no content is available to share, or to remind last year's events before their new edition.

Be trendy!

You can always use the "explore" tab in Instagram and see what are the most popular hashtags. Do not hesitate if you are interested / relevant to any of the popular trends to post some media sorted with these tags, your visibility will be highly impacted.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and many other techniques can be integrated to your social media strategy. Each case has its own specifics and require a prior analysis to understand your goals & needs.