Why your hotel should use social ads, and how do you take advantage of them?

Facebook and Instagram have pernickety algorithms that calculate whether a post should be seen by this or that person, in a specific order, often hiding unpaid posts and even making them sink for the profit of paid ones. How to take advantage of that "super-posts", and are they really worth it?

The importance of social ads grew incredibly over time

The importance of social ads grew incredibly over time

First of all, there are numerous reasons why you should consider using sponsoring on your ads:

  • Your audience is targeted by the platform, who already know its users interests, and is therefore more accurate
  • The origin of every specific interaction and its volume is calculated and aggregated into easily readable graphs
  • You have the ability to be more precise on your focus, with regions in addition to interests
  • You define the objectives you want precisely
Example of Facebook sponsored ads on different devices, respectively desktop and mobile

Example of Facebook sponsored ads on different devices, respectively desktop and mobile

Indeed, the social network usually helps while you choose your target audience, but can you rely on it the whole process ? Well not really. There is still some work to do, starting with your target audience. While they offer "Topics" for you to choose among, the platform does not require people to register their interests when they actually register, therefore, you miss a part of potential interested customers, even by targeting the exactly right theme.

To counter that, you can use other ways to target: location, age, related topics... and be as specific as possible to maximize the engagement produced.

Not all posts have the same "value" on these networks. Paid ones are obviously highlighted, but there is a much more complex jigsaw going on behind!

Every platform has its own algorithms which associates importance to the specs of a publication.

By specs, they go from the most basics parameters, as length of caption, amount of text on the visual if present, type of media, coherence with targeted topics... And even more, these specs are subjects to changes regularly, so you need to be creative.

This implies you have to imagine the best strategies for your medias to take off and get to the top without letting concurrents hide your campaigns.

Instagram show ads in a smoother way, but the message stays the same

Instagram show ads in a smoother way, but the message stays the same

Tools available on social networks ad programs will help you target the right audience with accuracy.

You have three main ways to build your audience.

Firstly, you can target your existing clients while importing your newsletter list. The idea behind is to build a loyalty program for your hotel. Here, you need to promote your hotel with a welcome back offer to seduce your existing customers. Offer them a special discount or a three nights stay at the price of two.

The platform will match the email address registered in your database with their member ID on the dedicated social network. If both matches, you will be able to deliver the message to your existing clients and improve your returning guests rate with an interesting offer.

Social ads platform also have a huge impact on your exchanges with potential customers, especially concerning the global reach of your campaigns, by attracting fresh new potential buyers.

This is possible with custom audience, where you'll be creating your audience with as many criteria as possible. Demographics like age, gender, interests, location, jobs and so on.

Here the idea is to increase brand awareness and attract new clients. You need to be smart and build an interesting offer for your non-existing clients. Promote your hotel's rooms with attractive extras such as a bottle of champagne, a free entrance to museums or a discount in a partner restaurant.

The last but not the least, social ads platforms also give you the ability to establish a "lookalike" audience. This means that you can target a similar audience from the people that are already following you. Your ads will be displayed to people with the same interests & profile than your existing followers.

Here, the idea is to be immersive and close to your audience, using a friendly tone and get their attention as if you were a friend posting a message in their timeline. 

We hope these lines helped you understand the basic of social media advertising for brands.

If you consider using sponsored campaigns to promote your hotel or resort, feel free to contact our team below, we will get back to you as fast as possible.