Photos are tacky: grow your hotel engagement with living videos

These days, a lot of social networks allow brands & communities to have their private «spaces» where tons of content are published each day.

Starting from the usual text announce,  going further with promotionnal pictures with targetted captions, Community & Social media managers tend to forget the « video » format, which has many advantages over the traditionnal ways of communicating with followers.

Reach by media type on facebook shows video are much more viewed !

Reach by media type on facebook shows video are much more viewed !

Facebook reports: a video media versus a photography, in same conditions will benefit at least of twice the engagement the photography would have. This phenomenon is explained by the current trend of Facebook to promote videos in a more efficient way in algorithms, but also thanks to the potential to catch attention a video can generate. Any movement in a static newsfeed like Facebook is automatically highlighted by a human eye, therefore watched, and hopefully shared!

Internet users spend a third of their time behind videos. Mostly on media sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. Imagine how easily a commercial message could be reminded by the cognition in any real life situation, knowing 80 people out of 100 remind video they see up to a month after viewing it! Furthermore, the following graph also shows 90 percent of consumers would be convinced in their decision making with the help of a video, which can have a huge impact on sales on a product for example. The average user also likely shares the video he likes, within his networks, and on his friends groups on social networks, as opposed to other medias.

The interaction with the video itself, and its impact after the view.

The interaction with the video itself, and its impact after the view.

While publishing a photography can carry a message with its caption, the user always has to click, scroll, or do something to know more. On the other hand, a video has much more content and ideas to bring to users. Without any interaction from its viewer, it shows one after the other different commercial messages, photographs, and tours! The information go straight from your platform to the customer without changing his focus, therefore, you can easily adress various topics in a single media.

DBH Films and Locust present the promo film of the historic Bitlmore Hotel in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida. The hotel itself is a landmark in South Florida and known for its luxury amenities, spectacular special events, and world class golfing.

Reaching this point, you should understand there is no "master" way to communicate with customers. Even if videos are more efficient at being seen and shared, you should always vary the ways you communicate with your users in order to avoid redundant content and boredom of your followers.

At this game of chasing creativity, would 360° video format be a good option to set your hotel apart? 360 video are used more & more often by major brands, such as RedBull, Saint Laurent but also by young artists and startups. Why hotels wouldn't be part of this small revolution?

Of course, investment costs aren't easy to cover. As a hotel, you need to invest into a very specific camera, hiring someone whom knows how to shoot, someone able to manage post production. But even more importantly, you need to spread your video online & boost its visibility.

All these steps are pretty time consuming for hoteliers and they all need to consider these elements before making a decision. 

Keep in mind that videos are still a great way to grab attention of non-engaged people rather than photos or posts which are more directly addressed to your existing fan base. Use them with parsimony and establish your campaigns with precise goals for each media type, and let your business grow!

If you're interested in creating a 360 video for your hotel, please, send us your request below, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.