Hotels, create your own SnapChat geofilter for your next event

Be creative, surprise your guests with a customized SnapChat Geo-filter during your events

What is that all about? While using SnapChat, you can now create your own filters and define specific ares where they’ll appear. While creating yours, you can define the size of the spaces that will be covered by your filter, more of less from the size of an office to a maximum of some city blocks. In addition to that, you can decide how much time your filters can stay live. Scale goes from one hour to to thirty days.

Of course, that depends on what will be the use of your filter. In what concerns design, you need to submit entire design to the platform, SnapChat do not offer this creative option yet.

As a hotel, this might be relevant to use while running specific events with brands or hosting conferences where press & influencers are invited. This might be useful as well for a new opening or promoting a new recipe or cocktail at your restaurant.

Idea behind is to differentiate your property from your competitors and create emotions for the people you host. Your guests will be more than happy to tell their friends they are staying at your hotel or savoring the new chef menu with a simple swipe on the app. This will help you generate brand awareness and "live-content" from your guests in a very simple, creative & disruptive way.

Hopefully, this should come with complete analytics to measure and see the performance of your creative filters. At least, these insights should provide number of viewers and those whom shared photos or videos using your property filter.

This option is not available in France yet, but should come to us pretty soon. As an additional information, prices starts around 5 dollars in the US for a eight-hour events on a friday in sizeable city.