5 tips for hotels to improve engagement on Instagram

Instagram, a visual story-telling approach for your hotel

Instagram is a major actor in the social media landscape nowadays. 400 millions monthly active users for an engagement rate of 2%, much more superior than Facebook or Twitter. 

Here are a few tips on how to grow your community engagement and how to generate interest from people whom does not know about your property.

Learn how to see things differently

We all see the world around from our window, from the inside of a car or even walking on the way home but Instagram should help you, and more specifically your followers see things with new eyes. Give new perspectives to the same spaces, approach it from different angles, take snaps of the same objects several times and different moments of the day, make it live and evolve. Your followers will always react positively.

Share emotions on a regular basis

Snap special moments and share your little piece of art every day or at least be constant while using Instagram. Give "rendez-vous" to your followers. Meet their expectations giving them curated content on a regular basis. This is very important if you aim at maintaining and increasing your engagement.

Go behind the scenes

Give access to your backstage. Customers truly love what's happening behind the curtain. Surprise them and overtake their expectations. We are all a bit curious, and being able to unveil part of your secrets can enhance your engagement. In addition, your followers will put faith in your brand as you ensure them transparency. We all benefit from a trustworthy relationship.

Adopt a geometric & symmetric approach

Give your shots a professional dimension. You need to be very precise to capture the perfect symmetrical shot.  Painstaking attention to detail can be a real added value while sharing on Instagram. Automatically, you will catch your followers' attention.

Talk to your contributors & interact with them

To monitor better your online presence, define a dedicated hashtag  and share it on your Instagram account, website, booking confirmation or even at the lobby of your hotel.

This ensure you to see most of the shared content toward your property. Make sure to comment or answer all pictures, using the @ to personalize your message, even with emojis. 

Finally, check all geo-located pictures taken at your property, sometimes, users do not tag you on their pictures and it's a way to start a conversation with your guests, even if they do not follow you yet.

Hope these tips can help you running your Instagram account. For further information, do not hesitate to email our team, we are always happy to help and accompany hotels on their social media strategy.