[Infographic] Snapchat insights' for february 2016

In 2016, SnapChat is and will be an essential social media channel

Quick reminder of what SnapChat is. A mobile app allowing users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos (1 to 10 seconds). Photos and videos taken with the app are called Snaps. Each user can create his own gallery called "Story" which lasts for 24hours, visible from friends and followers.

As a travel brand, SnapChat can be a real added value. Knowing than less than 2% of brands runs a dedicated SnapChat account there is more than enough space to take advantage of that.

Moreover, when it comes to travel, people tend to share even more content on social media, across many channels and Snapchat is now one of them. It's a way to tease friends & family showing how blue and transparent is the sea and how better is the wheather on this specific side of the world.

Jokes aside, SnapChat might be a pretty clever way to interact with your guests, almost in real-time and being able to create a desire to come back sharing awesome content on your account as a post-stay customized message. Visuals storytelling can only be more powerful than traditional post-stay emails.

Statistics below should support your desire to jump onto this platform. 9000 photos sent every second, 6 billions daily video views for more than 100 millions daily active users.

Still have some doubts, email us, we can talk about it.