Why hotels should embrace influence marketing?

Use Influence Marketing to leverage your digital strategy

Hotel Providence in Paris

Hotel Providence in Paris

Influence Marketing is key during the inspirational phase of organizing a trip.

Given the importance of opinions and recommendations to Internet users today, it is a powerful lever to attract new customers seduced by the experience the influencer shared. 

Nowadays, we know that 70% of travelers start searching online before deciding where
and how they wish to travel.

More than 59% use search engines as a gateway to ideas and information and 38% of the Internet users are influenced by bloggers when they make a purchase.

As a matter of fact, the first activity of travelers is sharing. Social networks have largely favored sharing activity, especially in the travel industry.

• 400 million photos are shared every day on Facebook (source: Facebook). Travel is the most shared theme on Facebook (source: Tnooz).

• 16 billion photos have been taken through Instagram (source: Instagram).

• There have been five billion check-ins on Foursquare (source: Foursquare).

• More than 200 million opinions have been posted on hotels (source: TrustYou). 

So, how to get noticed in a very competitive market? Using influence marketing is part of the answer. Technology evolution has increased competitiveness in e-tourism and also multiplied current actors and channels.

Basing your strategy on generating content created and published by the influential actor will help you reach a new targeted audience. Influencers share authentic and creative content becoming stories of their trips throughout pictures, videos, check-ins of the visited property, destination or activity.

This idea behind is to create experiences. This can be called visual storytelling. Thanks to the community of the influential actor, the message is distributed to a targeted audience, who will be receptive to the publication and who will maybe share the information in turn. This is called the viral effect.

The hotelier benefits from this collaboration enhancing its organic reach through SEO, improving its brand awareness on social media and earning creative content toward his brand.

Earned Media refers to the benefits a brand receives from word of mouth. It is largely used on social networks and other personal spaces, such as opinion websites and in comments where information exchanged between consumers is almost immediate.

Getting consumers and travelers to talk about your brand brings you popularity. The more social influencers will share about your brand, the more authority you will get amongst other brands. The more they talk about you, the more their audience will like you and this is the reason why they will be more likely to trust you.

As part of a digital marketing strategy, a triangular relationship takes place between Owned, Bought and Earned Media. Owned Media refers brand exposure on the brand’s own controlled channels such as its website and pages on social networks. Paid Media
 is associated with traditional or digital advertising. Combination of these medias defines your overall digital strategy as an integrated media and will help you differentiate from your competitors.

Earned marketing is organic. It results from the phenomenon of word of mouth.

The digitalization of communication creates a desire in consumers to go back to more human factors. It is therefore relevant for a brand to make the most of the opportunities offered by Influence Marketing. 

Influence Marketing aims at gaining fame with and obtaining the commitment of the targeted audience. It especially allows Earned Media to develop. Content generated by influencers creates value and adds to the fame of the brand. 

The bottom line is to create conversations and commitment with your potential customers. This will improve your online popularity and way beyond shares, likes and clicks, it will improve your digital conversions.

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